Video: Russell Wilson at media day

NC State redshirt sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson was a popular interview during media day. Wilson was surrounded by reporters and cameras anxious to get his view on the upcoming season. Click on the link to watch some of Wilson's interaction with the media.
Russell Wilson video interview
On comfort level:
I feel ten times more comfortable [than last year] and I'm definitely excited about the season coming up.
On the slide in first scrimmage:
I'm just working on my slide and everything, guess summer baseball probably helped with that a little bit.
On steps to be more traditional:
I'm not necessarily trying to be traditional, I want to be myself. I'll run the ball when I feel like I need to, I want to make the right passes, make the right reads and everything and continue to grow as a quarterback. If I continue to do that and keep working hard, we'll be pretty successful.
On if teammates look at you different:
I try to stay, personality-wise, the same guy and I just try to keep working hard.
I'd definitely have to say [I feel like the leader of the offense]. As the quarterback being out there, I have to direct the rest of those the guys the right way, I guess you could say I'm a leader. At the same time, we've got a lot of leaders on offense and that's a good thing.
On health on offense:
Definitely [can notice the differences]. Everybody is working hard and getting better.
On Taylor Gentry:
He's a great player, he uplifts us a lot and he just has to keep working hard. He's a good motivator, he works hard everyday in the weight room and everything, he's just a great player. He works hard everyday and I can relate to the people that work hard and bring it everyday.
On motivation going into USC due to last year's game:
I don't think like that, it's just another game. They're a great team and we're excited to play them. Opening game, it's going to be a great atmosphere, they're going to bring their best and we're going to bring our best.
How comfortable are you with the receiving core:
Really comfortable. They've been working hard, getting better every day, from the younger guys to the older guys and that's what we need.
Did relationship with Owen Spencer, Jarvis Williams developed with time?
Definitely. They are two of my best friends here. They work hard every day, they want to get better and they want to play in the NFL one day. That's what we want here and we want guys that really want to work hard and guys that want to win ACC Championships here.
Relationship with Spencer:
He's a great player, he's a great wide receiver. He's a hard working kid, never gets down on himself. If something is going, he'll keep pushing and keep trying to get open every time.
On last season:
Last season was last season. You've got to start a new season and you've got to keep growing and maturing. I've got a lot of maturing to do and need to keep getting better every day.
On focus this offseason:
Just growing as a quarterback in every facet of the game, making sure every time I step on the field that I'm the only (3:54 mark…I think he says only) quarterback and that's what I want every time I step on the field.
I remember people talking to me [last year at media day] but that was last year. I'm working hard this year and trying to get better.
What do you remember about last year at USC:
I remember watching the film…I'm not really worried about last year and last year's game. I'm focused on this year's game and focused on finishing out camp in a positive way and then getting ready for South Carolina.
On Ted Larsen's progression as center:
He's doing a great job, he's communicating real well, he's working hard, he works hard in the weight room, he works hard out on the practice field and outside the practice field. He's a great person and he's a great individual and that's what you want to have as a leader of the offensive line. It's definitely exciting to have a guy like him.
On physical and mental differences now from last year:
Not much, I'm getting a little bit stronger, a little faster but I'm just working hard. When it comes to reading my progressions, making sure I understand the play fully and that's something I will continue to work on.
Going into this year with game experience: The experience definitely helps. It's a cliché comment that the game slows down the more you play and the more experience you get. You hear that a lot in the pros, pro athletes say that. I'm not at that level yet but having that one year under my belt definitely helps, I can definitely notice the game slowing down for me.
On relationship with Mike Glennon:
I talk to him everyday about certain plays and how I witness a play or why I'm making this read…
On pressure because of expectations:
I'm an athlete, you just have to focus on the things that you can get better at and that's what I'm focused on.
On if expectations for team too low?
We're not worried about the expectations. We're focused about what this team knows and how hard this team is working, we have to be able to check ourselves in the mirror every single day and make sure we're really working and that's something we're really working on.
On performance in first scrimmage:
The scrimmage went well.
Should fans be confident when Mike is in the game?
He's a great player and he's been working hard so definitely.
Will Glennon playing disrupt your rhythm?
You'll have to talk to Coach about that, that's not really anything I can control, when he comes in or comes out of a game. I'm just working hard and when I find myself on the field, I'm going to do my best.
Is Glennon a different quarterback?
Nothing in particular, he's a great quarterback and I'm working hard to do my best, as well.
How have the tight ends looked?
They're great athletes. They are working hard, catching the ball well and making the right blocks. They just have to keep working.
On adding plays to the playbook:
You'll have to talk to coach about that, that's not something we really talk about.