Video: Robert Crisp at Media Day

Offensive tackle Robert Crisp was the crown jewel of the 2010 recruiting class for head coach Tom O'Brien and his NC State Wolfpack. The 6-7 and 299-pound product of Athens Drive High School was regarded as a five-star prospect, the No. 2 tackle in the nation, the No. 2 overall player in North Carolina and the No. 13 overall player in the country.
Crisp met with the media for the first time since coming to campus at the school's annual Meet the Pack Day, held Aug. 14 at Carter-Finley Stadium. Crisp was asked about what the Pack faithful tells him when he is seen around town and how it feels to officially don the Red and White of his hometown school.
What's college life like?
College life is definitely different, you're not around all the people you were in high school so I'm just trying to get used to it and get used to a university life.
Your friend Pete Singer was supposed to come to NC State with you, what happened to him?
Some stuff happened to him but I want to keep that as a family matter, the best person to ask is Coach O'Brien himself.
When you take the field for the first game, what will be going through your head?
Well, I had a big game at the All-American Bowl so I kind of have experience being in front of a bunch of fans. Of course it's going to be exciting so I can't wait.
You know how passionate NC State fans can, what's it like being a guy from around the area, I'm sure you're hearing a lot from the fans?
Yeah, I mean I hear it all the time. I can't wait, I'm glad to be here … but I can't wait to get in front of these fans.
What's the main thing they tell you, to beat Carolina?
Yeah, that's the main thing they tell me. If there's one thing they tell me, it's to beat Carolina.
You look different has your body changed since you've come to college?
I've definitely gained some weight and gotten a little bit bigger. I came and got a little bit more shape than I had in high school.
How much do you think you will contribute immediately?
I actually don't know how much ability I have to contribute immediately. Everyone is working hard in camp and everybody is equal right now. Hopefully, when the time comes, I'll be able to get some playing time.
What was your first impression of Coach O'Brien?
My first impression happened years ago, he's still the same, up front guy now in camp than when I met him two years ago. He's still the same guy.
What's it like to play for him?
It's an honor to me to be coached by Coach O'Brien so hopefully he can teach me as much as possible these upcoming years.