Vermiglio is confident in the line

Senior left tackle Jake Vermiglio will be the elder statesman on the offensive line, and along with seldom-used fifth-year senior Gary Gregory the lone seniors on the line.
Vermiglio though believes that while the offensive line may be young and a bit untested, this unit could be the best yet since he arrived in Raleigh.
"I think every year we just get better and better," Vermiglio said. "It's just repetition and repetition and just what Coach Horton teaches, little things like footwork and all that stuff."
Redshirt sophomores Andrew Wallace and Zach Allen, slated to start at the guard positions, and sophomore Camden Wentz, all received playing time in 2009, which Vermiglio is confident will aid them this year.
"The whole thing is playing time is huge," Vermiglio said. "Andrew played a lot last year for me, Zach at guard, we got a lot of young guys, Camden, all three of them hopefully got the playing time experience. The first game experience they've already been there and played."
Vermiglio also said the line is not lacking in motivation either.
"There's nothing worse than finishing, I know we were two games under a bowl game, just having to go home for Christmas while you are having to watch all these bowl games while everyone and all these teams are playing, there's no worse feeling," Vermiglio said. "You just want to be out there playing.
"This offseason I think was the best I personally have had, and the team as well. We all worked hard. We got some of the kinks out we had before and all got stronger. I think we're all just cohesive because we have been together so long and we've had the same coaching staff this whole time."
Vermiglio also understands that on paper the offense should click well as long as the line holds up, especially with quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Mike Glennon.
"I've said this a bunch of times about Russell, Russell's the easiest quarterback to block for because not only do the defensive linemen have to beat you, they got to beat Russell, too," Vermiglio said. "Mike's got a cannon, too, and all our wide receivers are good, too."