QA: Tom OBrien following Thursdays practice

NC State coach Tom O'Brien touched on a variety of topics Thursday following practice.
Below is a transcript of O'Brien's final session of the week with the print media:
Do you think the team has handled the post UNC game excitement well this week?
"I think we'll have to wait until Saturday to see," O'Brien said. "I think they've pushed through this week and have worked hard. As I told them, that is what they have to decide. Are they going to be like the two teams that lost after a Carolina win, or be like the team that won after the Carolina win and ended up going to a bowl game. It is their choice to make."
Will left tackle R.J. Mattes play on Saturday?
"I don't know, we'll have to find out," O'Brien said.
Have you had offensive lineman such as senior Mikel Overgaard play extensively at three different positions?
"Gary Gregory did it for us last year," O'Brien said. "Since we've been here, it's happened. I never experienced it until I came here, moving guys around like that."
What do you expect from Boston College?
"We are trying to be a better football team and look at what Boston College does," O'Brien said. "Every week, things change - what tendencies are, what formations are and what personnel groups and what they do.
"The same thing on defense, how they play defense. You have to be prepared to play the Xs and Os that you have to face this week."
Have you planned on seeing two quarterbacks from BC?
"I don't have any idea," O'Brien said. "We've prepared for it. Unlike Florida State, we are aware of it. We'll have a plan if it does comes to fruition if they are going to play him."
What do you think of what happened with Penn State and coach Joe Paterno?
"I don't have anything to add to that, but I think it's a tragic situation, and best left at that," O'Brien said. "Not the way the [Joe] Paterno thing went down, but the whole Penn State [situation]. I'm not speaking specifically to that."
Is it nice to have a program where there isn't a scandal?
"I went into a program where there was a gambling scandal [at Boston College]," O'Brien said. "I've been part of it and been part of cleaning one up, and understand it's a place that you don't want to be. You work hard every day and hope you do the right thing."