Pro-AM QAs: Tracy Smith, C.J. Leslie

The North Carolina Pro-Am league started up Thursday night on the campus of North Carolina Central University. NC State senior post player Tracy Smith and freshman forward C.J. Leslie were two of the marquee players in attendance. Afterward they spoke with The Wolfpacker, and here are some highlights from those interviews.
C.J. Leslie
When you walked in the door, fans gave you a pretty big ovation. What was that like?
"It was pretty good, I never knew there were so many Wolfpack fans until now. Everybody is starting to come out of their shell, it's like someone woke the Green Giant."
What are you looking forward to this summer?
"Everyday, I'm trying to get better. We just started school so I'm worried about school first, still working hard and trying to stay in shape, trying to get better."
How did you think you played today?
"It was the first game but I think I went out and played good. A lot of us are tired, we worked out earlier but it was a good game."
How does it feel to have all three freshmen on campus finally?
"It was good, we actually play a little bit [on campus] together in scrimmages, it's great. I'm [excited]."
What do you think about the Pro-Am, it's a great opportunity to play against some good talent.
"Yeah, it is. It's kind of like the preseason for us, a great way to prepare for the regular season."
Tracy Smith
How did you think you played today?
"I think I played alright, I could have played better but, for the most part, I'm out here, trying to get ready and get in shape for the upcoming season…get some running in, get a good sweat."
What did you think of playing with C.J. tonight?
"It's going to be very exciting this year. We've been playing together, trying to work on our pick and roll. We've been with each other a lot so we're kind of getting used to each other already."
With all the three freshmen on campus now, are you guys playing together a lot on campus?
"Yeah, we play pick-up everyday at 7:30 at night. Everybody is playing strong, everybody is playing physical: Ryan, C.J., Lorenzo. Now, we're ready for them to start the college experience."
How exciting is it to finally have the freshmen here?
"It's been a long time, I've been waiting and waiting. The time is finally here now, I'm just ready and excited for next year."
They announced you and the crowd gave a nice ovation, how was that?
"I love our fans, they're everywhere, they're supportive. I just love them, they make every day good for us."