Players, Veltkamp talk Lift for Life

NC State fullback Tyler Purvis, tight end Asa Watson and strength and conditioning coach Jason Veltkamp all talked with the media after their second annual Lift for Life event.
The Wolfpacker will have video of the players going through the workouts later, but below you can find what the players, as well as coach had to say about the event and this summer's conditioning program.

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Veltkamp was very pleased with the progress several of his guys made in preparations for the season, including M.J. Salahuddin, T.Y. McGill, Thomas Teal, Rodman Noel, Forrest West and Tyson Chandler, among others.
He also praised the leadership on the team before picking out a few standout upperclassmen.
"There have been so many [leaders], it's really hard for me to narrow it done," he said when asked who had particularly stood out in that department. "Pete Thomas has done an outstanding job this summer there at quarterback. Tony Creecy is always great and Dontae Johnson has been awesome.
"Jarvis Byrd might be one of our best vocal and encouraging [leaders], but he'll straighten guys out, too. Byrd wants to be great this year. Sometimes, you take something away from a kid - you lose playing time because of an injury or two injuries or however many injuries he has had, you look at the game a different way. It's got a terminal side to it, rather than just being open-ended like the rest of these guys. He reminds them of that. Having it taken away from you - when you have a guy with that experience - and he's willing to share it with other guys who need to hear it, that's awesome. Byrd has been great for us this summer."
Jason Veltkamp audio interview I (5:50)
Jason Veltkamp on leadership shown this summer (0:54)
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Tyler Purvis audio interview (2:50)