Pack holds controlled scrimmage

In what seems to be par for the course for NC State lately, the Pack held a scrimmage in rainy conditions Thursday afternoon, their first controlled scrimmage of the spring.
"For the conditions it was good," head coach Tom O'Brien said. "I think it was good competition out there I think on both sides of the ball, and kids worked hard. It was something we have to build on but certainly it's a start headed in the right direction.
"Basically we give numbers of plays in different parts of the field. We tried more with getting guys plays and repetitions than it was game type of situations.
"Especially for the freshman to get them going into the game scrimmage type of situations. First time they've actually competed and had an opportunity to show what they know at this point. As I said a lot of them got a long way to go but it's certainly a good start for them and we have to build on it from there."
Next O'Brien said is taking a step forward and start building the foundations for next year's team. The task starts with their next spring practice Saturday.
"We got to go back spend time looking at this tape and correct the mistakes we had," O'Brien said. "A lot of the teaching is going to be over here with the next couple of days and then we're going to refine what we have then and what should be the basis of the offense and defense."
Most of the attention from the fans of course are focused on the two quarterbacks, sophomore Russell Wilson and redshirt freshman Mike Glennon. Wilson completed 10 of 15 passes for 179 yards, and Glennon was 7-of-16 throwing for 133 yards and a score.
"Glennon did a nice job today, he and Russell both," O'Brien said. "Those guys did a nice job today, both of them."
O'Brien is also hoping that he can get some better depth at receiver for his quarterbacks.
"They made some catches today," O'Brien said. "The kids that you expected to take strides, [Owen] Spencer and [Jarvis] Williams, are doing that. They're veterans now and they got to do it. You got to get the young kids, Jay Smith, and we got to get Steven Howard, to take a step right now. It would help us a lot if those two would come along at this point and join Spencer and join Jarvis as really good players for us."
Running the football, O'Brien said that fifth-year senior Toney Baker held up fine after carrying the football seven times for 23 yards and a score. Redshirt freshman Brandon Barnes had seven rushed for fives yards, and true freshman James Washington ran 11 times for 10 yards.
O'Brien did announce that fifth-year senior defensive tackle Alan-Michael Cash and redshirt freshman offensive guard Andrew Wallace will miss the rest of the spring. Cash had unspecified surgery Wednesday, and Wallace is recovering from a cyst.