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NC State hoops well-positioned in NET rankings entering ACC play

Sunday marked the completion of NC State basketball's regular-season non-conference slate, and based on the current NCAA Evaluation Tool (NET) rankings, the Wolfpack has done well. Notably, the strength of schedule is shaping up to be a dramatic improvement from being ranked last in the country on Selection Sunday in 2019.

As of Monday morning, the updated NET rankings compiled by the NCAA has the Pack's non-conference strength of schedule ranked No. 66 nationally.

The NET is the analytics-based metric introduced by the NCAA prior to the 2018-19 season used for sorting out teams for NCAA Tournament selection, with "sorting" being the key word (as NC State found out last year). What is more important is the quadrant breakdown, for which the rankings are used to sort.

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Here is an updated look of the NET rankings for NC State's entire schedule through games played Sunday:

5. Auburn — L (road)

8. Duke — TBD (road, home)

13. Memphis – L (neutral)

14. Louisville — TBD (home)

27. Florida State — TBD (home)

33. NC State

34. Wisconsin — W (home)

46. Virginia Tech — TBD (road)

61. UNC Greensboro — W (road)

67. Virginia — TBD (road)

75. Pittsburgh — TBD (home)

80. Syracuse — TBD (road)

83. Miami — TBD (home, road)

91. North Carolina — TBD (home, road)

100. Notre Dame — TBD (home)

104. Wake Forest — W (road), TBD (home)

106. Appalachian State – W (home)

112. Georgia Tech — L (home), TBD (road)

113. Clemson — TBD (road, home)

137. Boston College — TBD (road)

153. Little Rock — W (home)

173. Florida International — W (home)

284. The Citadel — W (home)

315. St. Francis (Brooklyn) — W (home)

320. Detroit Mercy — W (home)

335. Alcorn State — W (home)

***Note there are 353 teams in the NET.


Broken down by quadrants the NCAA committee uses (Quadrant 4 wins are disregarded by the NCAA committee), here is how the Wolfpack stacks up:

Quadrant 1 (Home 1-30, Neutral 1-50, Road 1-75): 1-2 with six remaining

Quadrant 2 (Home 31-75, Neutral 51-100, Road 76-135): 2-0 with six remaining

Quadrant 3 (Home 76-160, Neutral 101-200, Road 136-240): 2-1 with six remaining

Quadrant 4 (Home 161+, Neutral 201+, Road 241+): 5-0 with none remaining


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