NC State elects Leadership Council

The NC State football team has elected its Leadership Council for 2013.
The group of 20 players, representing every position on the field, was voted on by the team and will provide guidance for the Wolfpack for the upcoming season.
"The Leadership Council is a position of respect," NC State first-year coach Dave Doeren said. "It empowers these guys. This position is not a recognition of athletic ability, but leadership ability. I will go to this group with decisions that I want player input on and if a player wants something brought to a coach they will go to the council and the council will bring it to us. It gives them a voice.
"These 20 men will enter an additional structured leadership program which will give them a chance to build their leadership skills without a coach involved. Our goal as a team is to make sure that each player learns to be successful as an athlete, as a student and as a man. This takes the on-the-field and academic components out of it and helps them learn how to apply leadership principals to being a great citizen."
Since Doeren took over the program, he has held team meetings every two weeks to talk about leadership.
"In each meeting, we have discussed the 'Wolfpack Commandments,' which are the qualities and characteristics that I want our team to display," Doeren said. "In spring practice and in our offseason conditioning program, the team was able to identify which players best display these qualities."
The "Wolfpack Commandments" are: accountabilty, hard work, family, faith, detail, loyalty, pride, discipline, urgency, focus, perseverance and "the three P's" — preparation, practice, playing to win.
Here's a list of the players, by position, who will comprise the Wolfpack's 2013 Leadership Council:
Jarvis Byrd — DB
Dontae Johnson — DB
Darryl Cato-Bishop — DL
Art Norman — DL
DJ Green — LB
Zach Gentry — LB
Ryan Cheek — LB
Tony Creecy — RB
Milton Hall — RB
Anthony Talbert — TE
Asa Watson — TE
Quintin Payton — WR
Rashard Smith — WR
Jacoby Brissett — QB
Pete Thomas — QB
Duran Christophe — OL
Rob Crisp — OL
Joe Thuney — OL
Niklas Sade — Specialist
Scott Thompson — Specialist