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Freshman Thomas De Thaey making smooth adjustment

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Below is a transcript of NC State freshman power forward Thomas De Thaey's video interview:
What has it been like in getting settled in Raleigh this fall?
"The beginning was different for me because I wasn't used to the lifestyle over here. I'm already used to it right now. I like it a lot."
What abilities do you bring to the squad this season?
"My three-point shooting, and I can go inside-outside, toughness and rebounding. I can do a little bit of everything. I like to be an all-around player."
What do you want to keep working on?
"I would say my all-around game. I want to be good at every aspect of the game."
Have you pretty much been playing power forward during fall workouts, and who have you worked out against?
"Power forward. Sometimes I'll guard C.J. Leslie, Richard Howell Jordan Vandenberg sometimes, it depends."
What is it like to guard someone athletic such as Leslie or strong like Howell?
"I'm not used to it [guarding Leslie] because a lot of guys in Europe are not as athletic as him. It's a challenge for me to stop him. By playing defense on him, it motivates me because it makes me better and hopefully, I can make him better by playing good defense on him.
"[Howell] is tough to stop. When he goes to the goal, he's like a truck. You get used to it."
How has it been to work with strength and conditioning coach Bob Alejo?
"It is way more professional than it is in Europe. I already have learned a lot of things."
What has been the biggest adjustment to the U.S.?
"The biggest adjustment, I would say the food. I'd say the food is different. It's a lot different."
What are you looking forward about the first game?
"I want to win the game. I hope the fans are behind us, and I'm really looking forward to our first game."
What would you like to say to NC State fans about the upcoming season?
"We need all the fans to support us, and hopefully we can bring the ACC Championship back to NC State."