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David Amerson tries to move on

One would believe that the Miami game is not one that junior cornerback David Amerson is likely to forget anytime soon. Amerson said he has no choice though.
"You just got to move on from it," Amerson said. "You can't let it carry onto the next game or throughout the season, got to have a good short-term memory."
That's not to say that Amerson still does not have a bitter taste in his mouth after being beat for multiple touchdowns in the game.
"The ball was in the air, I just didn't make plays," Amerson noted. "A lot of times, especially the first touchdown, that was real easy for me. I don't know, [he] just got behind me. I could have easily had a play on that ball, and if I had that play back I'd done something different.
"It just came down to not making plays. My eyes were in the right place and stuff like that, it came down to not making plays."
What was especially frustrating for Amerson was that State lost a game he believed they should have won.
"Everybody was disappointed, wishing we could have that game back," Amerson stated. "We felt like we were the better team. I think we were. If I could do something different, like I said, I would have attacked it different."
Amerson acknowledged that Saturday was a brutal lesson learned in how costly mistakes can be in a closely matched football game.
"I think it makes us more focused knowing what the task is at hand, with Florida State being No. 3 and everything," he said. "We are just coming in with a clear mind and focused on Florida State.
"I got to get back to the basics and everything and playing fundamental football."
The Miami contest was the second difficult game for Amerson. He struggled in the season-opening loss to Tennessee as well. There have also been reports that he was using former NCSU player Eric Leak, who has been disassociated from the University, to lead his search for an agent should he go pro after this season, a charge that all parties involved have disputed.
Amerson said that the off the field chatter has not bothered him.
"I don't really pay too much attention to that," he said. "I just focus on the team.
"I can't let outside factors contribute to how I play. I'd be letting my teammates down and myself down if I did that."