Countdown to kickoff: John Dunlap QA

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North Carolina State senior wide receiver John Dunlap loves football at all levels. Dunlap recently showed his willingness to learn and unselfish nature by helping out at the NC State high school football camp.
Dunlap's strong character has also helped him adapt to the coaching change with the Wolfpack. With practice about to begin Aug. 3, The Wolfpacker recently sat down with the talented wideout for a Q&A.
What is the urgency you are going through with this being your senior year?
I want to take advantage of every situation, and that is what I want to try to do. From there, everything will play itself it. All you think about is that this could be my last year for football. It could be. I'm trying to not even think about it and work as hard as I can. No regrets.
Is there pressure with the new coaching staff to help the younger guys learn?
Everyone is fresh to it (the system), so everyone doesn't know how it works yet. It's still new. It's hard to tell someone they should be here and here and here, when we don't know ourselves. It will be interesting at minicamp.
What are your thoughts on the offense that offensive coordinator Dana Bible has installed?
I love the offense. They do a lot of the same things as we did last year. It is more open and things are more available. Coach (Bible) is a really smart guy. I'm with him, so anything I can do help, I'll do.
What were your thoughts when coach Chuck Amato got fired?
I didn't know what to think. I had never went through that before. I was confused and it was some hard times. (Former teammate) Lamart Barrett really helped me a lot, even though he wasn't on the team anymore. I would call him at times and he would help me out and stuff.
Has new coach Tom O'Brien said anything to you about your game-winning touchdown against Boston College last year?
He is a quiet guy and doesn't say much. I can see in his mind sometimes though. He is a great guy. The assistants will tease me sometimes. They'll say that it wasn't a catch and all that stuff. We just laugh about it.
What will it be like playing against Florida State knowing Chuck Amato is coaching there again?
I can't wait, you don't understand. I think about football so much, that I dream about it all the time. I can see myself in playing in those games all the time. I'll be one of the most excited guys in the nation, you better believe it.
Do you wish that you had redshirted your sophomore year when you injured your knee?
I take it for what it is. Things happen for a reason. I can say that I should have or shouldn't have, but it is in the past.
You changed your number the next season after the injury from No. 82 to No. 1. Was that a symbol of starting over?
I changed it because I wanted to become a new guy, a new person. I wanted to work as hard as I can. I think I can be the hardest working guy on the team. I have put a lot of effort and time into it.
Did you ever consider playing linebacker in college?
I have heard people say I could (play linebacker). I knew I could play wide receiver. I had people say I was too fat or too big. I think I've showed everybody that I can play. I try to prove myself every day.
How much pressure did you feel to attend the University of Miami?
Everybody wanted me to go to the University of Miami, everybody. I made a lot of people upset when I decided to come here. I had to make the decision for me. I love it up here in Raleigh. I made a great choice. My mom was OK with it, but I don't think a lot of family members wanted me to go way up the road, but they come up to visit a lot.
How much film do you watch of past NC State star wide receivers Torry Holt or Jerricho Cotchery?
I watch film of them all the time. I want to learn from anybody I can. I watch those guys because they can run, are fast and can catch. (Holt) will be in the hall of fame one day.