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Bradley Chubb ready for family reunion

Saturday will be a family affair for the Chubbs. Brandon Chubb is a redshirt junior linebacker at Wake Forest who is second on the Deacs in tackles with 76, including 4.5 for loss and two sacks. He also leads Wake with five quarterback hurries.
Bradley Chubb is a freshman linebacker at NCSU. He has played in nine games and made four tackles, including one on special teams. This will be the first time that the two have played against each other in a competitive fashion.
"It's going to pretty fun," Bradley Chubb said. "Growing up we always competed against each other at family stuff. To finally be in a college setting is real good to see, real fun.
"We always been on the same team, always been on the same program, little league and all of that. To finally actually get a chance to play against him is going to be fun."
The older Chubb began the trash talking with a text message on Tuesday that Chubb laughed off. It almost happened that instead of being on opposite sidelines the brothers were going to be on the same team.
Chubb said that Wake Forest probably was his second choice during the recruiting process behind NC State.
"I just felt like I was so much more at home here," Chubb noted. "I really loved it here when I came on my visit, so that's why I decided to come here.
"[Brandon] said he would love for us to play together but he wanted me to be my own person and not just to pick somewhere because he's there. He said he was going to support me anywhere I went."
Chubb also got some valuable advice from his brother before coming to NCSU.
"He just said compete everywhere and everything you do," Chubb remembered. "He wanted me to be in the front of line in drills to get the coaches' attention and listen and take notes."
That is what Chubb has done. He has taken to lessons from senior linebackers Rodman Noel and Brandon Pittman and been inspired by the early successes of rookie linebackers Jerod Fernandez, a redshirt freshman, and Airius Moore, a true freshman.
They have helped Chubb adjust to the college level and gain confidence in his play. His progression helped him get a season-high 12 snaps against Georgia Tech, during which he recorded three tackles.
How much Chubb will play against Wake Forest is to be determined. He knows though that he has at least one parent quasi on his side.
"They told me that they are going to sit on two separate sides, my dad probably on my brother's and my mom probably on my side or something like that, and they are both going to wear half and half shirts," Chubb said. "I'm pretty excited to see that."
From a distance, cousin Nick Chubb, a star freshman running back at Georgia who has rushed 133 times for 895 yards and seven touchdowns thus far this season, will also probably keep one ear on the contest as he gets ready for the Bulldogs showdown with Auburn.
All of the success of the Chubbs begs the question: which one is the best athlete?
"I'll probably have to say myself," Chubb humbly stated. "Nick can do a little couple of things, he can run through people. My brother is up there, he can hit people, but all in all I would have to say myself."
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