Audie Cole trying to stop bad habits

Fifth-year senior linebacker Audie Cole admits that he did not enjoy looking at the film from the Wake Forest game. The Pack lost 34-27 after the defense struggled to contain the Demon Deacons' offense.
"We didn't look good on the film," Cole said. "We were making mistakes that we don't normally make. I didn't play my best game. I wasn't getting downhill. It wasn't that we were out of position, we just kind of reverted back to bad habits. Bad habits will kill you like that. We're just trying to get it fixed right now."
Cole thought that the Pack "had a great practice" Tuesday, noting that they were getting back to the fundamentals. He said that he was not angry about the Wake Forest game, but rather more "upset."
"Personally I didn't play a very good game," Cole noted. "I know a lot of other guys didn't play their best. We got to get better. It's over, we got to move on now.
"Personally, after you lose you harp on it a little bit, I'm pretty much over it when it's over. You can't change anything, all you can do is get better. The way I see it there is no reason to sit there and mope around about a game that's done. You can't do anything about it now. You just got to keep going and looking forward."
Cole was credited with nine tackles against Wake Forest, including one for a loss of a yard, and a forced fumble. They were solid numbers, but that did not mask what Cole deemed a poor performance.
"Once you start kind of getting into bad habits, it's tough to get out of it," Cole said. "It snowballs. You kind of keep doing bad things, and next thing you know we're losing a game I think we should have had."
That's why Cole and the Pack are striving for improvement Saturday when South Alabama visits Carter-Finley Stadium.
"We got to fix some things and get things straightened out before we get back to the ACC," Cole stated. "I think we were ready to come in for the game last week, but like I said we got into bad habits and kind of killed ourselves. We got to fix those things, and we'll be alright before we get going again."