C.J. Leslie remains undecided on NBA

NC State coach Mark Gottfried helped guide the Wolfpack to a 24-13 record and a trip to the Sweet 16 in his first season.
Gottfried and the NCSU program celebrated its year Monday night during the team banquet. Before the festivities started, Gottfried and sophomore forward C.J. Leslie talked about his deliberations over whether or not to turn pro.
Leslie remains undecided but is hoping to have a decision this week. He is leaning one way, but that remains a secret.
Here is the full audio interview between Gottfried and Leslie and the media prior to the banquet:
Mark Gottfried audio interviewClick Here to view this Link.
C.J. Leslie interviewClick Here to view this Link.
Here is a portion of what Leslie said about his decision-making process.
On the process:
"I still haven't gotten all the information back yet, but so far it's going pretty good. I'm hearing a little feedback. It's pretty positive.
Have you made a decision?
"I haven't made a decision yet. I'll be making my decision some time later this week."
You are not going to be announcing anything tonight?
What's it like for you?
"It's one of those things I'm just letting it go wherever it goes. I'm not stressing about it. Whatever I decide to do is going to be whatever I decide to do is going to be whatever I decide to do. I'm ready to play this part out and go from there."
Are you leaning any way?
"Yeah I would say a little bit one way."
Which way?
"I answered the question like that on purpose."
Are you looking at first round or lottery in order to go?
"I'm just really seeing what they have where I'm out and me going from there. I really haven't gotten through that yet."
Does last year's success help you if you do come back?
"Last year we definitely ended on a good note. We did a lot things that a lot of people didn't think we'd be able to do. It was definitely good for us and good for me and definitely be a part of my decision."
Some other names have come out, is that going to impact your decision at all?
"I'm just worried about me. I'm not worried about anybody else. They can't help me in anyway."
In terms about where you might be slotted if you came out.
"Not really. I'm just pretty much worried about me."
What kind of feedback have you gotten?
"I haven't gotten it yet."